1. Add a Brand New “Contact Us” Tab to Your Store


    Learn more about Contact Form in our App Store.

    As a Tictail shop owner, you probably receive many customer requests every week. Congratulations! This is an indicator of success! Have you thought about the steps each customer takes to reach you? 1. Search for an email address on your website 2. Open their email client and write to you 3. Go back to your store and resume their shopping All of those steps increase friction and reduce the quality of your customer’s experience. If a customer has difficulty finding your email address, accessing their email client, or just gets distracted somewhere during the process, you could lose a potential sale! We are happy to announce that we are bringing a solution to this common problem for Tictail shop owners: our new Contact Form App. With Contact Form enabled, each page in your store will have a tab for customers to send inquiries without interrupting their shopping experience. This makes your store feel more professional and simplifies customer request management. The app works straight out of the box and is effortless to install.

    Here are a few tips on how to make the most out of it:

    • Customize the tab’s color to match the style of your store. Try to find a color that blends well with your template but contrasts enough for customers to spot it. Perhaps try Adobe’s free color tool to find matching colors?
    • Personalize the title, introduction and confirmation text to suit the mood of your shop. Remember, the contact form is an integral part of the customer experience. 
    • Answer customer requests quickly. Providing unmatched response times is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from your competitors. Fortunately, the contact form app is fully integrated into your Tictail dashboard. New requests will automatically appear in your feed. 

    We are excited to bring our new app to the Tictail App Store and we hope you will enjoy using it! If you have any questions or suggestions about Contact Form, please leave a comment below.

  2. Boost Your Total Order Value by Upselling

    One of the best ways to increase the amount of purchases made in your store is to try and convince your customers to buy something more. Once a customer visits your store and has decided to buy something, making that customer buy another product is often much easier than trying to convince 1) a random person to visit your store or 2) a person visiting your store to make the initial purchase.

    Making people buy more than one product is often called upselling. Retailers do this all the time by offering you to buy accessories (“Would you like to buy a nice looking cover to the phone you just bought?”) or by presenting you with various special offers when waiting in line to pay (food stores generally have loads of candy just next to the cashier). 

    Online stores have numerous ways of upselling too. Some stores offer you deals on your way to the checkout page, others present you with tailored recommendations based on your previous purchases. Ever seen “Customers who bought this product also bought…” lists next to products on e-commerce sites? This way of upselling can increase your purchases per customer by up to ten percent!

    With the new Upsell app, Tictail stores are now able to sell more to every customer by presenting targeted products every time a customer makes a purchase in the store.


    Upsell app users can choose to upsell their products based on store purchases. Simply select a product to upsell and answer the question: “When should we try to upsell this product”, and the product will be presented as soon as a customer puts certain products in their shopping cart (or when a customer puts anything in the cart, if you believe the upsell product should always be presented).


    Check out the app live over at Polka, Handsome Store and Five Fridays!

    The Upsell app is available on a 30-day free trial. Install it now and start increasing your sales!


  3. We just raised our Series A! Expect a busy 2014 


    Dear Tictailers,

    Today it was announced that Tictail just closed a Series A investment of $8 million led by the wonderful team at Thrive Capital in New York.

    We’re so incredibly proud over what we have created together with you. Since we launched almost two years ago we’ve grown into a community of 35,000 entrepreneurs across 110 countries. It’s important to think about the stories behind these metrics. Your stories. The entrepreneurs that are creating great businesses with beautiful stores selling everything from wine to furniture. Using Tictail they are, like you, investing in something they deeply care about doing and products that they love. It’s an amazing and vibrant community to which we at Tictail owe the best years of our lives and we feel privileged to be part of it. Thank you.

    Today, Tictail helps you create a beautiful online store for free. Helping entrepreneurs establish an online presence, find consumers and help them sell is definitely essential to our goals. However, our vision stretches beyond that even. We strive to aid entrepreneurship to a further extent. Dare one dream?

    When we think about Tictail and its place in the future, we think about a company that makes the world smaller by enabling small businesses to act on a global scale. A home for businesses online. Where we invest in global shipping infrastructure to eliminate barriers across markets. Allowing consumers to pick-up their orders from you in one of our many concept stores across all major cities. There, they will also be able to browse other exciting products within our community and even start their own online store within minutes with the help from one of our Tictail Heroes. To truly make it a global experience, Tictail will provide micro loans to enable anyone with a good idea for a creative product to realize their dream and establish an online business. In essence our ambition is to create the world’s most used and loved e-commerce platform with the best relationships between merchants and consumers.

    Read More

  4. We’re hiring engineers in Stockholm!

    Join the most exciting startup in Stockholm, building something real - something that helps people all over the world grow their own business from their passion.

    Tictail is a crazy place. You’ll work with some of the best people you’ve ever met, making incredibly ambitious things, with a ridiculous amount of responsibility. If you’re like us, you’ve probably dreamed of what you could accomplish if you just weren’t held back by your current boss, job, school or whatever else is in your way. Well, Tictail is your chance to shine.

    We’re hiring slowly but surely. Because Tictail is nothing without our colleagues and our culture, we might not match your expectations of a normal recruitment process. We will definitely want to figure out if you’re smart and get things done, but more importantly we want to figure out if we click.

    Tictail is built primarily with Python and Javascript, but not exclusively. Most importantly we use the right tool for the job and are happy to learn new things.

    Right now, we are especially interested if you consider yourself a full stack developer, aspiring devop, an Android specialist or frontend magician. But if you’re smart, get things done and can’t wait to join Tictail, get in touch no matter what!

    Please take a moment to reflect on the above, and send us an email if you find yourself imagining what life at Tictail might be like. We’d love to hear from you.

    Please email jobs+tech@tictail.com with:

    - GitHub profile or equivalent. Please point out some code, project or open source contributions you are particularly proud of!

    - Resume. A link to your LinkedIn is fine

    - What interests you with Tictail?

  5. Print Packaging Slips with Ease


    It’s exciting to launch an online store. Once available to the world, more and more people are starting to pay attention to it. You see them go from being a visitor to an admirer - all thanks to your creativity expressed through beautiful products. You know their admiration has turned into desire when you get a notification about an order being placed. It’s an empowering feeling, but all of the sudden you’re faced with the new challenge of shipping several orders at once.

    Can you identify with this? Then Printout Designer is just the app for you! Within minutes, you can easily design your custom packaging slips and address labels. Once you’re happy with their appearance you can print one copy for each order you need to ship. Greatly reducing the amount of manual labour required to get your products delivered to the right customer - in time.

    Furthermore, you can create and use design templates for any given purpose. Need to print each order in a special format for bookkeeping purposes? No problem. Need to re-stock on the products you’ve sold from a third-party vendor? Create a template for generating a PDF which you can e-mail to them immediately. You’re in charge. Printout Designer will keep track on your inventory and allow you to be creative with what you need to print on a daily basis.

    If you have any questions, leave a comment below :)

  6. Win 360 Degree Product Views Worth $4,300


    When it comes to online sales, good photography is one of the most powerful tools. Everyone prefers shopping in a store where products are presented beautifully, both online and offline. Showing off all of what you’ve got makes all the difference and will help boost your sales!

    We’re stoked to announce a competition for all Tictail stores together with professional photographer Michael Sosinski where you can win gorgeous 360 degree product views for up to 50 items in your store, worth $4,300!

    Check out great examples and learn more about the competition.

    Michael Sosinski has extensive experience in fashion photography, and has also been successful in photographing striking design items and products with very high quality standards. He studied at Gamleby School of Photography, focusing on advertising and magazines, and Santa Monica College of Photography and is a member of the Association of Swedish Professional Photographers.

    Participating is dead easy - just follow the steps below! 


    So what are you waiting for? Join the competition and get ready to dazzle your visitors. You’ll have them browsing your store for hours in no time.

  7. Are You Our Engineer (Growth) in New York?


    We’re looking for an engineer to be a part of our team in New York City. You’ll work together with our marketing, community and developer relations team in order to launch creative growth hacks and measure their success over time. Everything from providing store owners with the ability to promote their store across different channels, embed their products on their blogs or give our marketing team the necessary tools to launch new campaigns within minutes.

    More than eighty percent of our store owners have recommended Tictail. Our users love Tictail. The role is all about making it easier and more fun and rewarding for them to express that to their creative friends.

    We’re looking for someone who

    • … has strong communication skills
    • … enjoys working in a startup with a lot of freedom, personal responsibility and a fast-moving pace
    • … is creative and solution oriented
    • … has 3+ years experience with Python and/or Ruby
    • … has built at least one “single page applications” before using Ember, Backbone, AngularJS or the like
    • … loves contributing to open source projects - obvious in your Github profile
    • … holds an academic degree

    If this sounds like you, we would love to get in touch and talk about how we can, together, ensure that we’ll reach 100 000 new stores within the next 10 months.

    Please send us an email to jobs@tictail.com before the 15th of February, with your CV and cover letter attached telling us about yourself, and why you think you are perfect for this role! We’re looking forward to speaking with you.

  8. Store of the Week: Sophie Yang


    Sophie Yang by Aga Baranska

    Sophie Yang came to Berlin from Shanghai in 2007. As a trained pianist, she was attracted by this modern city with its tradition in classical music already while studying in China. 

    Sophie quickly discovered the fashion scene in Berlin. And while she saw a lot of interesting designs, she was often disappointed by the materials that were used. Coming from China where fine materials and handicraft is valued highly Sophie wanted to bring this appreciation into her European life. The first Silk and Cashmere Collection was made in 2009. 


    Cashmere jumpers in camel and grey and a silk polkadot wrap dress. 

    "The inspiration for the designs comes from movies, music and opera as well as the classic European culture I love in places like Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Stockholm”, Sophie says.

    The most interesting and also challenging designs are for wedding dresses. “So far I have made three. Every time it was very difficult, but when I saw the beautiful bride in my dress, I feel it was worth the stress.” 

    Sophie works with different tailors for silk and cashmere from her home province, which has centuries of experience in working with these delicate materials. This means that she has to go back to China at least once a year to try the new designs with her tailors. 


    One of Sophie’s enchanting wedding gowns.

    "So far I am selling in shops in Berlin, Vienna and Bavaria. But I have many customers in England, Sweden and China. That’s why I started my Tictail store. I was looking for online stores, and my friends from Stockholm recommended Tictail to me. When I saw it, I liked it immediately. It looks beautiful and very easy to use," Sophie explains. “One of my favourite Tictail shops is aboxfrom.com.”

    We are proud to have Sophie’s beautiful collection on Tictail and glad that she keeps on recommending it to friends in Berlin! 

  9. Efficient Phone Support for Small Businesses


    Voicebox - our latest addition to the App Store!

    E-commerce is all about trust. Amazing products are vital - they attract consumers to the store. However, once they’re there they need to be confident that you’ll deliver on time, refund them otherwise and most importantly be available when unexpected issues or questions arise.

The e-commerce giants solve this by being transparent about their business and being constantly available across all channels. Be it over Facebook, Twitter, e-mail or by phone. The latter has always been painful for small online businesses. Until now. Thanks to Voicebox.

    With Voicebox you get more than an app. You get a brand new phone number - available to your consumers 24/7 all year round. Without imposing unscheduled interruptions in your daily routine to answer phone calls. Voicebox simply provides an answering machine with your personalized greeting. All messages are then made available directly in your Tictail Feed alongside the Voicebox app. Great, right?


    Voicebox will allow you to be professional and provide consumers with a phone number without you having to give up your personal one nor the control of your schedule. Definitely making it worth the $15/month investment, especially considering the fact that Voicebox handles the costs and fuzz with carriers for you as well.

    If you have any questions, leave a comment below :)
    Or if you need help installing Voicebox, check out this article.

  10. From the Theme Gallery: Highline

    It’s time for us to take a look at our second theme in this series; Highline, designed by Andrew McCarthy really hoists your products right up, making them the focus of attention.

    Below are three beautiful examples of up and coming brands on Tictail using Highline! I hope they will leave you feeling as inspired as I did. And remember, this is how great your store can look without even a single bit of coding! :) 

    Portuguese Noise sells high quality, durable leather accessories such as clutches, coin holders and card holders. The products really stand out in the Highline theme - makes me want to reach out and grab one of them! Take a peek at some of the items in their sale!.


    With designs by Jack Featherstone, Heydays and Studio Creme, Elephant Docks have created a store selling stylish wooden iPad docks. Highline really does the trick of showing them off nice and large. 


    Our third example is Swedish fashion brand Scho. Just proves that Highline is an excellent choice for displaying clothes too, does’t it? Be sure to check out their new arrivals!


    Do you know more examples of nice stores using Highline? Leave a comment below!


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